3 Signs That You May Need Surgery for Loose Skin


Loose skin is a pesky problem for many. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether simple adjustments to diet and exercise alone are the key, or whether you need surgical intervention alongside a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. In this article we’ll be discussing three signs that may indicate that you need to remove your loose skin with surgery. Let’s take a closer look at how Toronto’s Elements Spa discerns a client’s need for surgical intervention.

Loose skin can appear on a body for various reasons. One reason may be after significant weight loss. When we lose weight swiftly and it is a substantial amount, what remains is the loose skin that once held the extra weight. This can be challenging and devastating for individuals as the weight is lost, however the shadow of their weight remains (in the form of loose skin) as a reminder and obstacle to their desired healthier body. Below are three signs of needing surgery to remove excess skin.

Health Conditions

Having excess loose skin can cause many issues especially skin issues. Many patients with loose skin find that rashes and sores can easily develop even if proper hygiene is taking place. Loose skin typically appears on the abdomen, arms and underarms, back of the shoulders and lower back, under the breasts, and thighs and legs. Rashes can quickly turn into more serious infections leading patients to seek the expertise of a cosmetic plastic surgeon. 


Having excess loose skin means the skin can be crepy, wrinkly, and hold many folds of which can hoard bacteria and sweat. In warmer months, having excess loose skin can be incredibly difficult to deal with because of the heat and damp conditions. That means that individuals not only need to seek more loose fitting clothing, but also take bathroom breaks during the day to wipe or maintain hygiene within the folds of skin. As you could imagine, this could be incredibly inconvenient especially for those in professional work settings. It is no wonder then that these individuals seek the relief of loose skin removal via surgery.

Not Feeling Comfortable In Their Bodies

Some patients simply seek loose skin removal surgery because they feel it’s time to let go of what’s holding them back. Having the loose skin can be a big hinderance in every facet of their lives including making it difficult to purchase clothes and dress for special occassions, feel comfortable at work, feel comfortable in social circles and situations, dressing for different weather, engaging in different physical activities, and constantly maintaining hygiene.

When deciding to undertake any cosmetic plastic surgery, make certain that you’re choosing an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. If you’re not sure whether this procedure is right for you then feel free to reach out to Elements Spa’s cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar for more information.

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