4 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for A Tummy Tuck


You can certainly choose to undergo plastic surgery during any time of year, however, the northern hemisphere’s cooler months offer a seasonal advantage for those thinking of having any cosmetic treatment. While spring and summer offer plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and socialize, during autumn and winter most of us bundle up in layers to keep warm and spend time indoors cozying up on the couch. That time provides a great opportunity to recover during your chosen procedure. Today we’re talking about tummy tucks and why winter can be the best time for it!

The Holiday Season

For many of us, winter offers more opportunities to stay home. Many workplaces may also offer bonus time away from the office or days off. The holiday break is a fantastic time to recover from a tummy tuck. With less time at work and the days off already, it’s a great time to take advantage. You’ll be able to heal from the privacy of your own home without garnering any suspicion or needing to explain. When the holiday nears its end and you’re needed back at work, your tummy will be in a more comfortable state and you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic!

Winter Attire

Sweater weather can work double duty to keep us warm and cover up any healing incisions. Ideally, the summer may not be the best time for a tummy tuck if you’re one to love to spend your hot sunny days by the pool. In the winter, cozy, loose-fitting knits can help keep you comfortable during your recovery without giving away that you’ve had a procedure.

Slowing Down

As humans, we naturally tend to slow down during the cooler months. That means fewer gatherings outdoors and more opportunities to hibernate! While Canada does offer a few winter athletic activities, most spend their time indoors to keep warm, stay safe, and avoid cooler temperatures during the earlier sunset. Another reason to choose to undergo a tummy tuck during winter!

Ready for Summer

So you’ve chosen to undergo a tummy tuck in winter and spring and summer are finally starting to creep up. The temperatures are rising, the season’s clothes are becoming less bulky, and you’ve fully recovered just in time to show off your results! That means you’ll feel comfortable getting by the pool, wearing more fitted and flattering clothing, and engaging in more social activities.

While recovery from a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) typically takes up to 6 weeks, a full recovery including being fully healed from swelling and bruises can take a little longer. Having a cooler season to rest and allow the body to heal will benefit you in more ways than one—you’ll feel more comfortable and be able to recover at home, as well you’ll be ready when the summer temperatures hit.

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