A Brow Lift With Hidden Scars

An important topic regarding eyebrow lifts and aging.


Many of us tend to disregard early signs of aging in our forehead and eye region. Eventually these signs compound until we look in the mirror and find ourselves looking like a different person—typically one that looks older, less revitalized and dull. The forehead and eye region relay age and emotion significantly, often giving more mature individuals the appearance of appearing older and less content then they actually are. A furrowed forehead or sagging brow can appear as a result of a person’s genetic makeup, natural aging, as well as repetitive muscle activity in that region. If you’re interested in undergoing a Brow Lift, but are weary of possible scars left behind from the procedure, don’t fret. Elements Spa’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his astute team are able to provide natural-looking results, with no visible signs of having had a procedure! Let’s look at the Brow Lift in more detail.

Dr. Adibfar considers each individual patient as unique, requiring various techniques in order to achieve their desired results. A Brow Lift functions to rectify drooping skin around the eyes and eyebrows, as well as lines in the forehead. This type of rejuvenation requires that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar consider numerous factors including the shape and size of the patient’s forehead area, their hairline, possible excess skin, overall shape and projection of the area, as well as any incurred lines as a result of aging. This helps Dr. Adibfar determine the techniques he will use to give the patient enough lift to provide impact, while still allowing for natural-looking results.

Dr. Adibfar utilizes meticulous techniques that require minimal incisions with the Brow Lift procedure. The Endoscopic and Lateral Brow Lifts involve incisions made in the hairline, or close to the hairline around the temples. Dr. Adibfar makes several very short incisions within the hairline in marked locations determined by the patient’s anatomy to assure effective results that will last and look organic. Under these incisions, the muscles that create the repetitive contractions causing lines and wrinkles are weakened and removed. A lower or droopy brow may then be lifted (via the small incisions) and secured into a more desirable position to open up the eye and elevate the brow. Depending on the patient, Dr. Adibfar may also need to remove some excess skin. For others, Dr. Adibfar may need to make a incision that travels across the crown to allow for easier access to the muscles causing any deep lines or creases along the forehead and eye area.

Once the brows are positioned, the incisions are closed using sutures and/or other absorbable materials. Once fully healed, the patient’s hair is able to hide any remaining faint scars, leaving no appearance or trace of having had a procedure. The procedure will then lend results including a smoother forehead, improvements to frown lines or hooded eyes, symmetrical lift in both brows, as well as a more open and youthful appearance.

If you’re eager to address your sagging brows and other signs of aging in the upper portions of your face, you’ve come to the right place. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his team are able to provide natural-looking, realistic results for patients seeking subtle, yet noticeably more revitalized and youthful results—with no signs of scarring—via a Brow Lift.

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