Addressing a Belly Bulge After Pregnancy


Along with pregnancy comes phenomenal shifts to a woman’s body. After delivery, a woman’s body may not fall back into its pre-pregnancy  form right away, or even ever! Over time the uterus will shrink and a woman’s body will tighten up however every body is unique and some do require more help to speed up the process. One of the most common demographics to get a tummy tuck is women who’ve had multiple pregnancies. Whether you look to address your post-baby belly bulge and/or the stretch marks and sagging skin that may come with it, at Toronto’s Elements Spa board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can help you by addressing the belly bulge and getting your pre-baby body back!

To make room for a baby a woman’s abdominal muscles may separate resulting in excess tummy fat after birth. And for most women, a diet and targeted exercises from a personal trainer simply can not correct post-birth bulges and irregularities around the abdominals. In many of these cases, surgery is the only option to effectively and efficiently address the tummy.

Many women experience excess abdominal fat, sagging, folding, and tears to the abdominal muscles after pregnancy. In these cases, Dr. Adibfar can help these women by addressing these areas and removing any excess skin and fat, repairing any damaged muscles, and contouring the abdominals for a flatter and sleeker silhouette. Dr. Adibfar’s abdominoplasty involves repairing the underlying abdominal muscles that were separated by pregnancy. He safely gains access to the abdominal wall and closes the gap by bringing the abdominals together again, resulting in less bulge and smoother abdominals.

Some patients require a full abdominoplasty which involves an incision from hip to hip (hidden in the underwear line) whereas others may only need a ‘mini-tuck’ involving the removal of the bulge just below the navel. This will also involve smaller incisions.

As with any surgery, Dr. Adibfar will need to tailor his procedure to the patient and their desires depending on how their bodies were affected by pregnancy and childbirth. Some important factors include the patient’s lifestyle, genetics, amount of weight gained during pregnancy, quality and elasticity of the skin, size of the baby when born or delivered as well as how many pregnancies the patient has gone through.

The best candidates are women who have concluded they’re childbearing and have waited enough time after birth to allow the body and hormones to stabilize, as well as the body to regain a consistent weight. After childbirth, a woman’s body continues to change for up to one year so it is important that the surgery be performed according to the patient’s appropriate timeline.

If you’ve had children and you refuse to believe that having kids means settling with a flabby body then you’ve come to the right spot. Dr. Adibfar’s meticulous attention to detail and tailored techniques will help you look and feel like you did before baby!

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