Bra Line Back Lift 101


Do you have back fat or excess skin and fat around and below your bra line? These rolls of skin and fat on the back are easily accentuated by wearing a bra and patients often feel self-conscious when wearing certain dresses or outfits that potentially expose that area. Patients also comment about feeling uncomfortable when embracing or hugging others as one could feel the rolls on the back. Fortunately, Toronto’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar offers a common procedure that’s steadily gaining in popularity— it’s the bra line lift!

Why Do You Need A Bra Line Back Lift?

The purpose of the bra line lift is to remove the extra skin of the upper back. Patients find that rolls and skin pile up on their backs and get frustrated that no amount of exercise can remove or tighten the area. The procedure cuts out this extra skin leaving a scar along the bra line of the back.

How a Bra Line Back Lift is Performed?

A bra line lift can be done with liposuction alone if there’s not a whole lot of skin excess. However, it is often performed with an excision directly along the middle of the back, with the incision hidden behind the bra line to remove the excess skin. It is important to note that it’s not just fat or skin. Your plastic surgeon will need to consider the ratio of fat as well as connective tissue, muscle, and skin in this area. 

During the bra line lift, patients are lying face down on the operating table. The incision is planned very carefully so that it is hidden underneath a bra or bikini and markings are made beforehand. After recovery, we want our patients to be able to wear outfits that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to wear or feel comfortable wearing. We want them to experience having a smoother hourglass figure and to feel less self-conscious when they’re getting hugs. Patients often report that after recovery they feel good about giving and receiving hugs anxiety-free!

Postoperative Recovery 

The recovery from a bra line back lift is swift if performed by an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Dr. Adibfar. It’s much easier to complete as opposed to a tummy tuck and our patients love reaping the great rewards from the procedure. The incisions typically heal very well and are well concealed underneath a bra or a bathing suit. Patients can then enjoy their lives with less anxiety and feel more comfortable in their skin. 

If you feel you might be an ideal candidate for this procedure and are interested in learning more then feel free to call us to schedule a consultation!

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