Choosing a Specialist For Your Facial Feminization


Suffering from gender dysphoria can be devastating. As a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar finds the sincerest gratification in knowing that he has assisted transitioning patients turn their visions into reality while allowing their results to make them feel more confident and happier in their bodies and lives.

What is facial feminization?

Facial feminization is a specific class of procedures that transitioning patients opt into in order to modify their facial features so that they appear softer, more delicate, and essentially more classically feminine. With the experience and techniques of a specializing facial plastic surgeon, patients undergoing facial feminization surgery can expect the combination of their more feminine features to appear harmoniously.

It is only natural and expected that patients be very concerned when undergoing a facial operation. For these reasons alone it is imperative patients opt for a well-qualified and experienced surgeon with a vast knowledge of craniofacial biology and all the anatomical parts of the face.

The process of facial feminization

Dr. Adibfar creates incredibly detailed and tailored procedures based on each patient’s biology, anatomical features, and desires. Sometimes it is best to proceed more conservatively by splitting up some of the different facial procedures in order to begin the transformation and develop confidence and increased comfort in the patient’s proceeding stages.

Hairline & Forehead

Your surgeon should be a specialist that clearly comprehends the obvious differences between female and male facial features. A simple silhouette or profile can easily communicate the gender of a person. Dr. Adibfar begins by analyzing the forehead of the patient. A male’s hairline is slightly more angular with emphasis on the temporal region. A male typically also has a longer forehead and a bone that creates eyebrow bossing which creates more shadows around the eyes.

Dr. Adibfar produces a more feminine forehead by creating a more rounded hairline, a shorter forehead from hairline to eyebrows, as well as a straighter and smoother forehead without bossing so the eyes appear more open and brighter. Dr. Adibfar also creates a more feminine hairline that looks less recessed than a male would. In some cases, a lower eyelid lift and canthopexy would also be necessary to give the eyes a more exotic feminine shape.

Nose & Lips

Dr. Adibfar creates a more classically feminine nose for transitioning patients. A male’s nasal bones are typically wider and more flared than a female’s. The length from the nostrils to the top of the lip is also longer in males than females. Here Dr. Adibfar creates a softer more feminine nose with delicate angles. A lip lift may also be required to shorten the distance between the base of the nose and the top of the lip.

Chin & Face Structure

The lower face also requires a keen and detailed eye for changes that will allow patients to appear more feminine to their peers. A male’s chin is usually wider, taller, and more prominent while women may display a more tapered chin and face. A chin reduction alongside contouring or tapering of the jaw would then allow for a more feminine profile overall.

While the bone structure is certainly crucial, Dr. Adibfar also works with the patient’s soft tissues for a more feminine face. This requires fat grafting and possibly fillers to add volume to areas of the face that require it in order to look more feminine. These areas may include the cheeks, under the eyes, and lips.

Dr. Adibfar would also shave down and contour a masculine adams apple to make it look less prominent and therefore more féminine . Laser hair removal of unwanted masculine facial hair would add to the femininity.

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Dr. Adibfar takes great pride in helping his transitioning patients blossom into more confident and radiant individuals. To be able to aid in the transformation is a most gratifying feeling that Dr. Adibfar hopes to continue for patients worldwide.

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