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A thigh and glute with dotted lines along the inner and outer thigh for a thigh lift

If you’re someone who struggles with loose skin and fat around your lower extremities including your legs and thighs then a thigh lift may be a great option for you! With warmer temperatures on the horizon, these last weeks of winter prove an optimal opportunity to tone up and get your body ready for summer weather. Let’s learn more about the thigh lift!

Reasons To Get A Thigh Lift

Having extra skin and/or fat on your thighs can be incredibly disheartening and problematic. The thighs, particularly the upper thighs, can pose a problem for many patients and is a universal issue. For some people, this excess means they are not able to wear shorts, skirts, or even pants comfortably. At Elements Spa, our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar truly gives these patients a new outlook on life via the thigh lift.  

Patients who opt for a thigh lift often have excess skin and/or fat on the inner thigh. This can occur due to genetic predisposition, after having experienced massive weight loss, or even hormonal fluctuations leading to stretched skin in areas like the thighs. 

Types of Thigh Lifts

There are two kinds of thigh lifts and they each have their own variations. The more common is the medial thigh lift which includes a smaller incision and addresses the upper third of the thigh. The second is the full thigh lift which addresses any excess from the groin down to the knee. This often results in a scar that runs down the inside of the leg to the knee. For patients experiencing a lot of excess skin and fat along their thighs, this extensive or extended thigh lift is necessary in order to address the length of the upper leg appropriately. 

Patients opting for a thigh lift (whether medial or extended) will need to consider the real expectations and trade-off of having a scar. The scars will fade over time and all of our thigh lift patients often remark that the faded scar is worth the results achieved from this procedure. 

Thigh Lift Procedure

Most thigh lift procedures begin with liposuction in order to address any excess fat in the area. Once the excess is removed Dr. Adibfar is able to carefully suture the skin and apply any drains necessary. After recovery, contouring and skin tightening procedures can also be utilized in order to enhance the patient’s results. Over the years, techniques have improved and better options have become available for patients to make the thigh lift less invasive and more attractive than in previous years. 

The thigh lift can also be done with a body lift and involves incisions up near the hip to address the buttocks and thighs. This procedure is incredibly helpful post excessive weight loss or simply with patients experiencing severe skin looseness of the lower extremities.

Recovery & Downtime

The downtime and recovery for a thigh lift can be tedious however patients report that the results are worth it. Because the scar runs along the inside of the leg to the groin, it is vital that your surgeon anchors your incision properly so as not to disturb or disrupt the genitalia. This is why it is always best to opt for an experienced surgeon who has success with thigh lifts. 

After a full recovery patients are thrilled with their results and newfound body freedom. While a scar is inevitable, patients agree that they’d rather have a scar than uncomfortable excess skin and fat. A thigh lift proves itself a definitive solution to saggy thighs and the challenges of recovery are always noted to be worth the results that the thigh lift brings!

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