Ear Pinning 101

Having prominent ears can be incredibly stressful. No matter one’s age, having protruding ears usually leads to ridicule, childhood bullying, and low self-esteem. Often children and adults with prominent ears try to cover them up by growing their hair to make them less noticeable. Fortunately at Toronto Elements Spa our team of medically-trained staff headed by board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can help you accomplish the profile of your dreams, with ears that sit naturally on your head and look great with your facial structure!

Reasons To Get An Otoplasty

Patients will typically have prominent ears for two reasons: they may have an underdeveloped ear fold in their ear or have an excess of cartilage which allows the ears to stick out. Some patients show both these signs with their protruding ears. Patients seeking to have their ears pinned undergo an otoplasty. 

This surgical procedure is fairly straightforward however requires the expertise of a specialized surgeon who completes these corrections often for the best results possible. We stress that patients seek the consultation of an experienced board-certified surgeon who can help accomplish their goals and show extensive experience completing successful otoplasties. 

How is an Otoplasty performed?

An otoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis and can be completed under local anesthesia. An incision is made behind the ear so that the surgery is undetectable. Your surgeon may need to remove some excess cartilage or will simply pin the ears back using permanent sutures. Patients can expect to have a head wrap on for the first day of surgery until the follow-up the next day when the dressing is removed and replaced with a headband that needs to be worn daily for a week for the ears to acclimate to their new position on the head. 

Benefits of an Otoplasty

An otoplasty is a great surgery because it permanently and drastically changes the appearance and confidence of the patient. This procedure is also commonly performed on children as well as adults. This procedure works remarkably well to reposition the ears to a more natural and conservative position and lends a recovery that is minimal and less severe compared to other plastic surgeries. 

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If you’ve struggled all your life with prominent ears then feel free to consult with board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar. Our patients are always incredibly pleased to see their new ears and their newfound confidence after healing from the procedure.
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