Eye Lifts: Everything You Wanted to Know

Eye lifts might not get the most attention when it comes to plastic surgery. But the benefits this procedure delivers are big. Some say the eyes are the window into a person's soul.


Eye lifts might not get the most attention when it comes to plastic surgery. But the benefits this procedure delivers are big. Some say the eyes are the window into a person’s soul. Others say they are a defining feature of a person’s beauty. We couldn’t agree with them more.

But what happens if your eyes are tired looking and are beginning to become covered with sagging skin? “Whether it’s age or weight related, many men and women struggle with imperfect eyes,” explains Dr. Ali Adibfar, a leading plastic surgeon who specializes in eye lift procedures. “Tired, sunken and saggy eyes can make it difficult to feel beautiful.”

Eye Lift Procedures are Changing the Beauty Game

Those who suffer from these common eye issues don’t have to live with them forever. Many people choose to partner with a plastic surgeon when they’re unhappy with features like their eyes. The eye lift – otherwise known as blepharoplasty – is one of the safest, most effective and easiest procedures available. “Those who have sagging skin around their eyes will think they need a facelift,” explains Dr. Adibfar, the medical director at a five-start medical spa in Toronto. “We’ll often select an eye lift to remove excess skin around the eyes. This has a dramatic effect on a person’s appearance, beauty and confidence.”

When it comes to an eye lift, you might be asking yourself a few questions like how it works or how long it takes to recover. Dr. Adibfar performs numerous eye lift surgeries each year and explains how it changes lives.

What You Might Not Know About Eye Lifts

There are actually two types of eye lifts that can be performed. Each of these surgeries focus on a specific area of the eye.

First, and most common, is the upper eye lift. This involves carefully removing excess skin, muscle and fat from the upper eye lid. We’ll use this procedure to reduce the appearance of sagging eye lids.

The other type of eye lift focuses on the area below your eye. People who are experiencing bags under their eyes will likely undergo this type of eye lift to get the desired results they want. We focus on redistributing the fat and manipulating the skin to create a smooth, younger looking appearance.

Eye lift procedures deliver big benefits without impacting a person’s day-to-day life. While some cosmetic surgeries may require considerable recovery time, eye lifts don’t. “Each of these procedures are very safe, effective and because of the skill we have, often leave no visible trace of surgery,” says Dr. Adibfar. “They also only require local anesthetic and patients return to normal activity almost immediately.”

Recovering from an Eye Lift

A big benefit of an eye lift is that the recovery is typically quick and painless. Each eye lift is slightly different because it depends on the individual patient’s body, needs and goals. However, most patients feel back to normal within 24-48 hours after the surgery is complete. “You’ll notice some bruising and swelling, but that doesn’t last long,” says Dr. Adibfar. “Following our recovery plan, which includes icing your eyes during the first 24 hours, makes the recuperation period quite short.”
While there are risks associated with every plastic surgery procedure, eye lifts are generally safe and complications are very uncommon. “Our team makes safety a top priority – regardless of the procedure you choose,” says Dr. Adibfar. “We take every precaution and ensure you’re fully educated before any decision is made.”

Did You Know That Eye Lifts Don’t Last Forever?

While we all wish we could stay looking young forever, it just isn’t possible. The benefits you’ll realize from an eye lift procedure will last for a long time. But it’s important to know that as time passes and your eyes are exposed to elements like UV rays, there’s a chance for further damage and deterioration to occur. While many of our patients will never have to undergo another eye lift, understanding that the body evolves will help you have realistic expectations.

One can prolong the longevity of the youthful results with the subsequent use of Botox and fillers.

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