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With incredibly extensive advancements in technology, anesthesiology and surgical techniques, it’s no wonder cosmetic plastic surgeries are becoming much more efficient, allowing for more natural-looking results with less need for recovery, complications and downtime. Decades ago, a Facelift was performed resulting in more apparent scarring, as well as different incisions that spanned across the entire top of the head. Many would also say that you could spot a celebrity that had a Facelift from a mile away! Back then, most anti-aging cosmetic plastic surgeries appeared more obvious, especially for patients who’d undergone procedures from inexperienced and possibly unqualified plastic surgeons. Fortunately, with the expertise of the best board-certified plastic surgeons, along with the most recent upgrades in technology, patients are able to achieve the results they desire with less downtime and beautiful, natural-looking results. In this article we’ll be looking at the classic Facelift, the recovery needed, as well as the criteria each patient should be adhering to when looking for a plastic surgeon for their Facelift.

As with any cosmetic plastic surgery, the most important decision a patient will make will always be their choice of surgeon. Patients should always look for an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon that performs their desired procedure often and successfully. Toronto’s Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar is a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, as well as an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon. This also gives Dr. Adibfar specialized expertise in facial aesthetics. Always look for a surgeon who performs Facelifts often and can offer many before and after photos, as well as contact info of previous patients. Once you’ve done sufficient research on your chosen board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, you can proceed with your Facelift procedure!

As previously mentioned, Facelifts have improved dramatically since they were first performed. Because of these surgical advancements, the recovery time from a Facelift shortened as well. A Facelift procedure can take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours to complete, and up to 6 hours depending on whether the patient combines the Facelift with other complimentary procedures including an Eyelid and/or Eyebrow Lift.

Facelifts can correct middle-aged patients showing signs of an aging forehead, drooping brows, loose skin around the eyes, flat cheeks, loose jowls around the jawline and lax skin around the neck. Muscles are tightened at the front of the neck via a small incision under the chin and other hidden incisions in the hair and around the ears to address the lower and mid-face. The skin gets lifted from deeper tissues and tightened by removing excess skin and securing the skin’s new position. Combining a Facelift with a Browlift or Eyelid surgery works well to lift these areas and combining these procedures’ recovery times makes for efficient healing and results. Once the procedure is complete, Dr. Adibfar will apply any surgical bandages and dressings around the face and head to secure the incisions and prevent any infection.

An ideal patient who is relatively healthy, does not smoke and has followed Dr. Adibfar’s detailed preoperative instructions, typically heals within 2 weeks and is able to get back to their regular social life. It is important to note that different areas of the face do heal at different times, and that there are several actions patients can take to speed up recovery. Within the first week, any bruising or swelling will subside by approximately 80%. (Not correct delete this part Patients should also use ice packs frequently for the first 3 days to reduce swelling).

For those also undergoing Eyelid surgery, bruising can take longer to heal in this area however can be covered with makeup after the initial healing period has passed. Any discomfort within the first 48 hours will also be treated with Dr. Adibfar’s prescribed pain medications.

Dr. Adibfar utilizes minimal incision techniques, leaving any faint scars hidden behind and inside the ears and in the hairline, virtually undetectable to peers and family members. At Elements Spa, Dr. Adibfar also prides himself in subtle, beautiful results that allow his patients to look like better, younger, more fresh and revitalized versions of themselves.

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