Facelifts or Fillers?


While we all do love a noninvasive treatment from time to time, trends are showing that more and more patients are opting for more permanent solutions to their aesthetic concerns. Injections like hyaluronic acid dermal fillers work wonders but there are certain limitations that fillers can not address alone as efficiently as cosmetic plastic surgery would (or with both modalities in conjunction). In this article we’ll be focusing on facelifts and why our patients at Toronto’s Elements Spa are choosing surgical options, or a combination of surgery and fillers, over noninvasive temporary treatments like fillers alone.

Age vs. Facelifts & Fillers

When to use injectables versus surgical modalities can be an interesting decision to make. In past decades, cosmetic plastic surgery including facelifts was seen as solely reserved for more mature patients looking to overhaul or return some form of their physical youth regarding their face. Today, surgeons are met by younger patients, some in their late 30s to 40s, who are struggling between whether to undergo a facial surgical procedure or continue with routine dermal filler injections.

At Elements Spa, our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar believes that having the right procedure will depend on the patient’s individual circumstances and that a natural-looking outcome is always desirable. Depending on the patient and their facial features, some can certainly opt for injectables alone and still get great results. For patients who are in their 30s and 40s and are showing serious signs of skin laxity, the best option for them would most likely be surgical (or a combination of the two). 

Skin Laxity

An injector can certainly try to fill in hollow areas (caused by skin laxity) with dermal fillers however the results will not look natural and it simply would not suffice to address the main issue. Skin laxity needs to be addressed via surgery to remove any excess and lift the underlying structures.  

With the right procedure to address your specific facial features (and the right surgeon), results will look natural and unoperated. Skin laxity is more efficiently addressed via a vertical repositioning procedure to lift the skin and structures. For areas that still appear hollow, Dr. Adibfar suggests a combination of using fat graft alongside a customized facelift procedure to assure that hollow areas (like lines around the mouth) are filled and that skin laxity is appropriately addressed. This will guarantee a more successful outcome. 

Combining Facelifts & Fillers

All patients are unique in their characteristics and therefore will require a customized approach. More often we are finding that patients of all ages are searching for more permanent solutions whether that be via a surgical route or a combination of surgery and other less invasive modalities. Ultimately, it is important to realize that hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are great when used alone however patients should avoid the unnecessary in order to achieve the best results and rejuvenation possible. 

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