Getting Customized Chin and Jaw Implants


Are you looking for a more defined chin and jaw as well as added projection? Slight tweaks to your chin and jaw can make such a positive impact on the symmetry and contour of your entire face, neck, and all its features! With procedures like these, we always urge interested patients to seek the expertise of an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar. Balancing a patient’s facial harmony is a delicate surgery that’s also an art form. Any areas that may be poorly adjusted could look unbalanced and require further surgery so it’s always wise to opt for a plastic surgeon who has extensive positive success in carrying out these groups of procedures. Let’s look into it in more detail!

Customizing your chin and jaw involves a combination of techniques and implants that will be discussed and decided with your surgeon. Many patients complain about having a chin that they’d love to see have more definition and projection, and also chins and jowls that they’d like to appear less droopy and saggy. Dr. Adibfar will analyze all angles of the patient’s face, anatomy, bone and tissue structure, and skin quality while listening to the patient’s desires to formulate a tailored plan to achieve the results they’re looking for. This will typically also involve a CT scan.

Some patients will require a smaller customized jaw implant depending on their facial features, while others appear better suited to a tailored mandibular implant. This mandibular implant stretches from one side of the patient’s jaw, across the chin, to the other side of the jaw. For some patients, this can be very effective in improving and defining their necks and jaws.

Upon careful examination, the implant is then handcrafted and customized perfectly to the patient’s lower face. Facial implants are made of a combination of materials of either being an incredibly safe silicone or Dr. Adibfar’s preferred Medpor implants which are made of medical grade high density polyethylene . These implants are slightly porous which allows tissue in growth and hence prevent any movement or boney resorption underneath the implants. With the help of a customized implant, Dr. Adibfar can determine exactly how much and where the projection will appear for a more harmonious-looking face and stronger definition that is still structured and natural-looking.

During the procedure, Dr. Adibfar inserts the implant by creating an incision under the chin and sometimes inside the mouth as well. Some patients require the implant to be secured to their jaws to assure they stay in place safely and to assist the body in assimilating to the implant. The incisions are small and strategically placed for less visibility after full recovery however the incisions will slightly vary depending on the size and length of the implant.

Of course, all patients and their features are unique requiring more complex techniques for some than others. This is why patients require a very astute plastic surgeon. Patients could also seek complementary nonsurgical options after full recovery for better skin quality and overall results.

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