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Would you be interested in a needle-less, nonsurgical face and neck lift? If you haven’t yet reached the age where you’d need a surgical lift, yet are beginning to notice that your jawline, cheeks and jowls are sagging, then Forma just might be the treatment for you! Not only is Forma noninvasive, it also requires no downtime, leaves skin incredibly soft and can be done during your lunch hour. When performed by experienced professionals like board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his Elements Spa team, results are especially satisfying and patients usually see results immediately after one session! Let’s look at who the right candidates are and how Forma works.

Forma is a fantastic anti-aging tool. While it does not lend the results of a traditional surgical face and/or neck lift, for those patients who haven’t reached an age of maturity that might require one, Forma works brilliantly to stave off early signs of aging including minor sagging, laxity and wrinkles around the mid face and neck. Patients also rave about Forma because of how easy and efficient a series of treatments are to fit into one’s hectic schedule and lifestyle. It also works on virtually all skin tones! 

Forma utilizes fractional thermal contraction (or radio frequency waves) to essentially heat up deeper layers of the skin to approximately 42 degrees. This painless gentle heat causes resistance in the skin in order for your body to rebuild collagen. The procedure begins with the application of an ultrasound gel applied to the treatment area (face and neck) before a small handpiece is stroked over the patient’s skin repeatedly in order to maintain the appropriate heated temperature in the specific area for approximately 10 minutes before moving onto another area. The energy waves delivered from the handpiece safely stimulate the underlying tissue while sculpting the collagen. To simulate the results of a traditional face and neck lift, Dr. Adibfar and his staff at Elements Spa focus on the entire face and neck, paying special attention to the sides of the face and around the eyes, as well as the jaw, jowls and under the chin. 

As a result, skin appears smoother, tighter, lifted, revitalized and less wrinkled. This collagen contraction works hard below the surface of the skin to continue to build stronger collagen structures over time, leaving patients with longer-lasting results that require less maintenance. As mentioned, while subtle results may be noticeable after one treatment, patients are advised to undergo a series of approximately 6-8 sessions spaced weekly for optimal results, with maintenance sessions to follow.

It’s no wonder celebrities and patients of all walks of life are reaping the anti-aging benefits that Forma has to offer. By subtly improving the skin’s elasticity and tightening over time, while leaving patients with a radiant glow and smoother looking skin, this noninvasive face and necklift-like procedure has been become one of our most popular noninvasive facial treatments.

Many of our patients comment that the session felt like a heated massage, and were happy to report no signs of any inflammation. The fact that Forma requires no downtime makes this treatment incredibly efficient as well. While patients may appear slightly flushed for an hour after their session, they are free to use makeup and carry on with their regular skin care routines. This innovative anti-aging treatment works hard to reverse aging, lift and tighten key areas like the face and neck, as well as plump the skin by creating new underlying collagen structures over time. 

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