How Neck Rejuvenation Turns Back The Clock

Your skin says a lot about your age. And for areas like the face and neck—depending on how you've maintained your skin's quality over the years—these areas can relay an age much older than your actual age if neglected.


Your skin says a lot about your age. And for areas like the face and neck—depending on how you’ve maintained your skin’s quality over the years—these areas can relay an age much older than your actual age if neglected. As we mature, our skin and neck muscles can shift radically revealing deep bothersome lines and creases making us look and feel old and ragged. Fortunately, Toronto’s Elements Spa’s team of medically-trained professionals headed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar, have developed and refined a wide range of treatments and procedures to address this pesky area and turn back the clock!

Time can certainly change one’s appearance over the years. And while skin can sag, wrinkle and crease, the shifting of underlying muscles beneath the skin can also radically alter the perceived age of a mature male or female patient. Let’s take a closer look at the neck, how it ages and how we can regain a more youthful appearance. 

Naturally over time, the skin around our jaw and chin begins to sag. Along with lax skin, we may also develop deep horizontal creases across our neck and/or adam’s apple. For patients, the underlying vertical muscle bands of the neck (known as the plastysma muscles) can separate. In our youth, this muscle wraps around our neck in a corset-like fashion to keep our neck tight, smooth and young-looking. Once these vertical muscle bands separate, sadly it can easily add a decade to a patient’s perceived age. Often times the separation of these bands also emphasizes the neck’s cartilage.

Fortunately, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can address all these concerns quickly and efficiently while ultimately restoring a patient’s more youthful appearance with a more revitalized and smoother neck. For those suffering with excess sagging skin around the jowls and under the chin, Dr. Adibfar safely and carefully uses liposuction to remove the right amount of fat to tighten the area and leave enough fat to allow for a smooth surface. A neck lift allows Dr. Adibfar to also lift the skin to remove any apparent horizontal lines and deep creases that may appear across the neck. 

For patients whose plastysma muscles have separated, Dr. Adibfar can also repair these muscles by carefully going beneath the neck’s skin and closing the gap between the muscles by stitching their separated edges together. This allows the muscle to sit over all the cartilage and span out to the sides of the neck, essentially restoring the neck’s ‘corset’ to it’s former position as it did throughout the patient’s youth. This simple and effective procedure easily turns back the clock by covering the vertical lines which make the neck appear older. Incisions are often placed under the chin and patients who also require excess skin removal will have the assurance in Dr. Adibfar’s ability to naturally contour the neck to a more flattering, youthful and softened silhouette. 

If you’re agitated that your neck makes you look and feel older then your real age, then a consultation with Dr. Adibfar will certainly give you a plethora of options to address this area and restore your neck to its previously youthful appearance.

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