How to Get Rid of Wiggly Inner Thighs


Pool and beach season are upon us which means lots of opportunities for wearing cute outfits and fun bathing suits. For many women, this is often a time they feel uncomfortable and would rather cover up parts of their body they feel ashamed or insecure about. Thighs can be a big problem area for many women (especially during heat waves and warmer months), however, with a little help from Toronto’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his experienced team at Toronto’s Elements Spa, wiggly inner thighs can be corrected and remodeled for smoother and more contoured thighs.

For many women, the thighs are an area that accumulates fat more easily. While a healthy diet and regular physical activity can certainly work wonders, for genetic reasons, some women simply aren’t able to shape up their inner thighs through lifestyle changes alone. For these women, Dr. Adibfar’s thigh lift can address loose inner thighs effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Patients who are best suited for a thigh lift are generally in good health and practice a well-balanced lifestyle. Dr. Adibfar also advises that smoking and certain prescriptions including aspirin be avoided before undergoing surgery to decrease any chance of excess bleeding, infection, or healing issues. Women contemplating a thigh lift should also go into the procedure at their ideal body weight. Patients who tend to fluctuate in weight regularly should practice maintaining a healthy and stable weight before undergoing surgery to assure better and longer-lasting results. 

When completed by a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Dr. Adibfar, the surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the patient and their individual body type. After the anesthetic, Dr. Adibfar creates small incisions on the inside of the thighs to gain access to the underlying tissue and fat. Unwanted deposits of fat and possible excess skin are then safely removed via the assistance of liposuction and a small cannula which allows for entry without making a large incision.

After removal, Dr. Adibfar checks for symmetry and contours the thighs to provide a smoother silhouette. The edges of the skin are pulled and then sutured together for more contoured thighs. Once sutured, the procedure is complete. The patient will then receive Dr. Adibfar’s detailed post-operative instructions to heal faster and allow for the best results possible. In most cases, Dr. Adibfar will also use dissolvable sutures and require post-op checks to assure the inner thighs are healing nicely.

Patients who undergo an inner thigh lift are happy to see smoother, tighter skin, and a more contoured silhouette after a full recovery. For patients needing more excessive removal around the thigh and leg, longer incisions may be required.

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