Marrying Surgical and Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatments for Phenomenal Results!

An important topic regarding Surgical and Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatments.


There will never be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment or procedure for anyone. And many times, the best way to achieve optimal results is to combine the latest in nonsurgical technologies and treatments with traditional plastic cosmetic surgery to achieve your ideal goals. When considering any procedure, your best reference will be your board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. Be sure to assess all your options while evaluating your surgeon’s considerations and advice. A great and experienced plastic surgeon won’t be working to sell you on all the latest and greatest procedures, but rather assess your concerns, discuss your desires, and match them with the appropriate procedures. At Elements Spa, our team — lead by board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar — will guide you in the direction we feel is appropriate, safe, and the best course of action for the results you’re looking for. Sometimes, the best option is to multi-task with both non-invasive and surgical procedures! Let’s take a look at how well surgical and nonsurgical treatments work together.

With many common surgical procedures, complimentary noninvasive treatments may be performed simultaneously while the patient is under sedation. The advantage of this is to alleviate any possible discomfort that may come with the nonsurgical treatment, as well as to combine the recovery periods. Often patients undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery have already taken time off work and cleared their schedules for recovery. Any downtime or healing necessary from the noninvasive procedure may then take place while the patient is recovering from their surgery to avoid a lengthy recovery period for the individual procedures separately. So which non-invasive and traditional cosmetic plastic surgeries appear to be great matches?

Many surgeons perform facelifts in conjunction with multiple non-invasive treatments. Typically facelifts are performed on more mature patients. These patients show signs of skin laxity as well as volume loss in different areas of the face. These patients may also be suffering from hair loss. While performing the facelift, the plastic surgeon may also use dermal fillers to add hydration to areas of the face like the tear troughs, cheeks, and deep creases. Additionally, a deep laser resurfacing treatment may be used to improve the quality of the skin as it heals from the facelift. While under anesthesia, the surgeon can also perform PRP to the patient’s scalp (an injectible treatment that utilizes a patient’s blood to amplify their body’s natural healing mechanisms) to address hair thinning. This group of treatments works phenomenally while allowing the patient to remain more comfortable. 

Other commonly combined procedures include Botox with upper eyelifts, rhinoplasties with fillers, as well as more spa-like treatments like lymphatic drainage alongside liposuction. An upper eyelift will leave a patient’s eyes looking more open, rested, and youthful-looking. Botox may also be used to address any deep lines or creases on the sides of the eye resulting in even more vibrant-looking eyes. When undergoing a rhinoplasty (or nose job) your surgeon is not only making corrections to your nose, but also inevitably changing the proportions resulting in more facial harmony. Fine-tuning your lip shape allows for even more beautiful results without the discomfort than can come from receiving injectible fillers. For those undergoing liposuction, a series of lymphatic massage and drainage sessions can greatly decrease their healing time and lend faster results. Lymphatic drainage allows your body to rid itself of any excess fluid retention, allow for more blood flow and circulation, and most importantly, allow the body to detoxify more efficiently.

Your board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon’s expertise, extensive experience, and training will allow them to be able to best advise you regarding which treatments and procedures would be complimentary to your body and desired results.

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