Nose Jobs For Men


While many cosmetic plastic surgeries resonate most with women, a nose job is found to be a valuable procedure for male and female patients alike! Men interested in changing their noses often complain that they dislike their profile or that their noses are disproportionately larger than their other facial features. Others undergo rhinoplasties to correct recent damage to their noses or to address nasal breathing abnormalities. In short, nose jobs are one of the most popular plastic surgeries among the male demographic, and in this article, we’ll be learning more about how men benefit from the ever-popular nose job.

Our noses can often be the major facial focal point, holding all our other facial features together in harmony and defining the way we present ourselves to the world. A proportionately balanced nose can enhance our appearance and other facial features or do the opposite. A man’s distinct nose shape, size, length, width, projection — and degree of symmetry — can certainly make him more attractive or not. Many men may also feel insecure when they dislike the way their noses look in the mirror. This will inevitably affect the way they present themselves at work, with peers, and in daily life in general, resulting in severely negative impacts on confidence levels. Fortunately for these men (and all patients) a successful rhinoplasty not only corrects the nose but brings harmony to all the facial features rendering a patient more attractive overall.

So what can male patients expect from a nose job? At Toronto’s Elements Spa, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar performs numerous plastic surgeries including the ever-popular rhinoplasty. Dr. Adibfar’s experience and knowledge about facial anatomy and proportions have allowed him to excel in the arena of surgical facial modifications including the nose. Nose jobs are one of the most popular plastic surgeries among male patients and most find that after a full recovery they are incredibly happy with their results and more confident in their daily life. A successfully completed nose job, however, is no easy feat.

The nasal structures and the nose’s close proximity to areas like the eyes and lips make it an incredibly sensitive area requiring the artistry of an experienced surgeon who can reshape the nose carefully, safely, and precisely. While the initial recovery can be swift, the final result from your rhinoplasty can take up to a year as the swelling slowly and subtly subsides over time in this delicate area.

During recovery and up to the first year after surgery, male patients are thrilled with their results. Not only does the patient’s nose look harmonious to the other facial features, but the male patient’s side profile also appears more attractive and less distracting. For men looking for a more permanent solution to their unshapely nose, a rhinoplasty by board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar proves an ideal option. For men looking for a nonsurgical option, Dr. Adibfar can also use hyaluronic acid fillers to temporarily contour the nose. With filler, Dr. Adibfar can improve the symmetry of the nose by filling in any voids or creases as well as adding volume to areas that require it along the bridge and tip of the nose. While the use of dermal fillers certainly is not a permanent solution, some patients (male or female) may find the option more suitable for their lifestyle.

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