Signs You Need a Breast Reduction


Breast augmentation doesn’t always equate to a patient leaving our office with a larger cup size. In reality, thousands of women opt for a breast reduction every year as a result of having a chest that is proportionately larger than their bodies, which can lead to physical pain alongside possible emotional distress. Let’s look at some signs that you may need a breast reduction.

Patients with a very large chest often complain of physical ailments. These can include back pain, neck discomfort, headaches and migraines, sore shoulders, and more. Decades of carrying larger breasts can certainly take a toll on a woman’s body, and years of pressure on the spine eventually shows up as perpetual upper back pain. Most women feel this upper back pain even at rest — a clear indicator that a breast reduction should be considered.

Other common areas of the body that a woman with a larger chest may experience pain (that are closely related to the back) are the neck and shoulders. Constantly hunching overdue to the excessive weight of the breasts can certainly put a lot of pressure on the neck and shoulders resulting in neverending soreness and poor posture. Furthermore, other signs you may need a breast reduction include constant headaches, skin irritation under the breasts, breathing issues due to heaviness, and more. 

Unfortunately for these women, having a disproportionately larger chest not only results in physical ailments, but psychological stress as well. Some women struggle attempting to constantly cover their larger chest because they feel ashamed or they feel as though their breasts may garner too much attention. Having a larger chest would also inhibit these women from participating in many physical activities that can leave them feeling discomfort and pain. If you have and continue to experience many of these physical and emotional issues due to carrying a larger chest, then breast reduction surgery may be the ideal option for you.

Elements Spa’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar performs breast reduction surgery by tailoring the procedure specifically to the patient and her body’s composition. Sometimes incisions are made around the nipple and in the crease below the breast to remove the correct amount of breast tissue, fat, and skin. This may include liposuction and repositioning of the nipple alongside Dr. Adibfar’s gentle contouring for symmetrical breasts that look proportioned to the patient’s body. After all the swelling and bruising subsides from the breast reduction, patients feel more comfortable and satisfied with their lighter chests.

Dr. Adibfar’s incision placement is always as discreet as possible and patients often report that they are thrilled with their new chests. They can finally shop for the clothes that they like comfortably, as well as feel less stressed and more physical ease in their everyday lives.

If any of the mentioned physical or emotional ailments are familiar to you and you’re looking for a solution to resolving your larger chest and living a more comfortable, happier, and healthier life, then get in touch with our helpful staff to book your consultation today.

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