The Top Cosmetic Treatments of Youthful-Looking Women

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Some women are mistaken daily for being 5, 10, even 15 years younger than their actual age. Is it good genes? Could it be their superfood morning smoothies? Or maybe their strict fitness routines? While the mentioned factors can certainly play a role, our hectic lifestyles can take a large toll on our physical appearance. More and more women are seeking simple solutions to maintain a refreshed, young and energetic look while balancing demanding careers and family responsibilities. In this blog, we’ll be discussing three of the most popular ‘not-so-secret’ treatments that are used among the most beautiful Hollywood starlets — and your next-door neighbour — to maintain a youthful-looking appearance and glow!

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The advancements in laser technology over the last decade have been remarkable, and laser skin resurfacing has allowed women to achieve fantastic results in less time than ever before. Fractionated laser technology utilizes a laser that is broken down into tiny alternating beams. When passed over the skin, these beams leave small patches of untouched skin around the treated areas to allow for faster healing and recovery without sacrificing superb results. Toronto’s Elements Spa offers numerous skin resurfacing laser treatments, all of which are tailored to each patient to deliver great benefits including tightened pores, resurfaced skin, removal of dead skin, collagen regeneration and more! Within a 15-20-minute session, patients of most skin colours receive a level of skin rejuvenation that luxury skincare products simply cannot compete. The lasers work by treating the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) so that the dead skin cells slough off and a new army of fresh, healthy skin cells push through to the surface revealing a radiant new layer of skin cells. After 3-5 days of minor peeling, our patients are thrilled to find fresh new baby soft skin that looks tighter, more hydrated and refreshed!


Do you have perpetual frown or worry lines that make you look tired, frustrated, and angry even when you’re not? Are you in your 20s or 30s and looking for solutions to keep your skin looking smooth and wrinkle-free? For years the only solution to stubborn facial wrinkles reinforced by natural expression was going under the knife. Now, Botox can restore the youthful smooth skin you were born with quickly via nonsurgical injections that dramatically improve the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines and more! Botox is such a quick and safe fix that our patients can come to Toronto’s Elements Spa before breakfast, during lunch hour — even quickly after dinner — and get back to their daily routines and responsibilities with no downtime! Botox is such a simple procedure that works wonderfully on young and more mature patients to wash away years of worry and distress from a patient’s face, as well as prevent deep creases and wrinkles from ever forming. No wonder Botox has become one of the most loved and utilized nonsurgical anti-aging treatments among famous and hardworking women everywhere!

Eyelift Surgery

Your eyes say a lot about you and your perceived age. Many women (and men) are genetically predisposed to having droopy lids or excessive fat deposits in and around their eyes, making them appear tired, distressed, and perpetually unhappy. While fillers can certainly be used under the eyes to smooth the contour between puffy eyes and a patient’s cheeks, permanent results achieved via a surgical Eyelift are certainly a worthy investment of time and money due to the remarkable outcome and results. At Elements Spa, we strive to provide our patients will natural-looking results. For patients with droopy eyelids, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar safely addresses the area by lifting the lid and removing any excess fat deposits around and under the eyes for brighter, younger, more energetic-looking eyes. Each Eyelift procedure is customized to the patient’s desires and Dr. Adibfar’s judgment regarding what can be achieved. From there, a treatment plan is developed together to accomplish subtle yet impactful results. Patients are thrilled after recovery to find themselves appearing fresher, rested, more revitalized, and happier with such a simple procedure that requires significantly less downtime than expected.

While these three procedures all vary tremendously, they are time-tested and proven to be the most popular due to their natural-looking results and ease of efficiency when organizing them into a busy schedule. At Elements Spa, we believe that people should feel beautiful at any age. With these holy grail treatments, women and men of all backgrounds, lifestyles and social status can achieve and maintain a natural-looking glow and overall radiant appearance no matter their age or lifestyle!

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