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For a Smooth, Youthful Neck


Tired of hiding your neck because it makes you look older than your actual age? Are you noticing your skin starting to droop along your jaw? Do prominent vertical lines along your neck make you cringe? At Elements Spa, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can help! With a simple procedure, Dr. Adibfar will make your neck look more smooth and youthful. He’ll address prominent lines, creases and separated muscles in a way that will make you look and feel naturally younger without looking like you had a procedure! Let’s learn more about neck rejuvenation and how you can achieve the results you’ve always longed for!

Our necks show prominent signs of aging. As we age, gravity takes hold and our skin begins to lose its structure and elasticity. We notice the skin on our face beginning to loosen, resulting in sagging jowls around the jawline. In some patients, the muscles in their neck start to separate, leaving them with hallowed vertical gaps and making them appear frail and old. Other patients comment that their lax jawline and aged neck reminds them of their parents! For these and many other reasons, patients request neck rejuvenation, often requiring a Neck Lift. 

The benefits of a Neck Lift are remarkable. Instantly, patients look more youthful and refreshed and are left with smoother, tighter, more attractive skin. Best of all, after a full recovery, patients don’t appear to have ever had a cosmetic procedure! Elements Spa’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar strategically places his incisions in areas that are virtually impossible to see. 

The procedure begins with the patient under general anesthesia or IV sedation.  Once sedated, Dr. Adibfar can access the underlying structure of the neck via small incisions placed directly under the chin, behind the ear and possibly in front of the ear into the hairline. This allows for Dr. Adibfar to lift the neck skin and access the muscles. For incredibly lax skin, Dr. Adibfar may need to remove the excess. For patients with separated neck muscles (or platysma bands), Dr. Adibfar safely secures the bands together using dissolvable sutures, closing the wide vertical gap some patients have in their necks. 

During the procedure, Dr. Adibfar lifts, suspends and contours tissues along the lower jawline, resulting in less jowling. Some patients may require more extensive work, however, the results are fantastic. It takes approximately 3 weeks to fully recover from a Neck Lift before a patient will feel confident with their results in public. Some restrictions during recovery include refraining from strenuous activities like heavy lifting and bending. Patients are advised to walk and resume light activities as normal to keep the body’s circulation functioning well which aids in healing. 

Fortunately, techniques over the decades have evolved to allow for much more efficient and safe procedures, as well as more naturally conservative results. While this is certainly true, patients are always advised to do diligent research in choosing the right board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. With the right experienced surgeon like Dr. Adibfar, patients can expect a smoother jawline, less jowling, and tighter smoother skin along the neck with no signs of large gaps or separated muscles.

For patients in need of more extensive corrections, a combination of procedures may be required. Complimentary procedures can include a Face Lift, as well as laser treatments and/or chemical peels to treat patients who have prominent age spots, wrinkles, lines, and sun damage on their necks. 

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