Top 5 Breast Augmentation FAQ Answered


If you’re considering a breast augmentation and you have a few questions then this blog may be a great place to get started before your consultation. Below are some of our most popular questions from patients regarding breast augmentation. Let’s dig in!

1. How long is breast augmentation recovery?

With an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Dr. Adibfar you can assure that your recovery will progress as swiftly as possible. The techniques and expertise of your surgeon will greatly affect the length and duration of your recovery so choose wisely.

After approximately 48 hours after surgery, patients are typically able to resume light daily activity. Patients are advised not to partake in any strenuous activity until cleared by their surgeon (usually around 2 weeks). After a month and a half patients are usually able to resume regular exercise and the demands of their daily lifestyle.

2. Will my nipples retain their normal sensation after recovery?

In most cases, our patients retain their normal nipple sensation after a full recovery. During recovery, patients find that their nipples may feel sensitive. This is normal and should clear after recovery as mentioned.

3. Can I breastfeed with implants?

Almost all patients are able to breastfeed with implants. Depending on your type of breast augmentation and incisions your surgeon will let you know if there would be any complications in the future pertaining to breastfeeding your child.

4. How exactly will my implant be placed?

Most breast implants are placed either below or on top of the patient’s chest muscle. Laying the implant on top of the chest muscle allows for more breast lift and cleavage while laying the implant below the chest muscle allows for a more natural-looking result.

5. Will I need to sleep on my back for long after surgery?

We advise that our patients sleep solely on their backs for a minimum of 3 weeks. This essentially allows the implant to best assimilate to the body and pocket while the absence of friction allows the area to heal best overnight.

If you’re considering a breast augmentation and have any further questions feel free to reach out and book a consultation. Dr. Adibfar’s expertise in breast augmentation (alongside other complimentary procedures) allows for each procedure to be tailored to the patient and their unique desires and body.

We advise that patients always seek the expertise of a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon with years of successful experience having performed their desired procedure as well as a willingness to answer any questions while being realistic about the expected outcome.

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