Why Facelifts Are Not a Thing of the Past


Traditional facelifts will never become obsolete. We all age naturally and signs of aging are almost certain to first appear on areas of your face and neck. Unfortunately for some, these signs of aging can make an individual appear older than their actual age. For those looking to address their aging face via a surgical facelift the question of  ‘when is the right time’ can confuse patients. And because we all age differently (and at various rates) one patient may get a facelift much younger or older than the next patient — and that’s perfectly normal. Fortunately for interested patients, the facelift has stood the test of time and continues to prove itself safe and efficient with results that are long-lasting and look natural. Let’s take a closer look!

It’s quite easy to find botched facelifts from photos online of celebrities who look ‘overdone’ or did not have the right plastic surgeon. Don’t let media-frenzied paparazzi photos fool you. Over several decades, the technology, techniques, and teaching methods for facelift surgery have become more safe, sophisticated, and conservative than ever when performed by a competent and experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar. 

At Elements Spa Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained staff can help identify specific facial markers which would indicate whether you’d be a good candidate for facelift surgery. Some of these indicators can include lax skin around the jaw and neck, sagging jowls, weak muscles in the face and neck, and more. In many cases, the neck may also require enhancing via sutured neck muscles (or platysma muscles) in combination with lifting the lower face.

When performed by a qualified surgeon, the facelift works remarkably well to reverse these signs of aging while still looking natural and more youthful. As mentioned, depending on the patient and their specific facial characteristics, an ideal facelift patient is most likely between the ages of 40 and 65, however other ages outside of this range are certainly common. Some patients who tend to age later due to a healthy lifestyle and favourable genetics may opt for a facelift somewhere in their 70s. Regardless, all facelift patients find incredible benefit from the subtle yet transformative results that include smoother, tighter, and lifted skin; improved elasticity; and overall a more youthful, revitalized, and natural-looking appearance.

While there certainly are more nonsurgical anti-aging treatments available to us than ever before, when performed by an experienced facial surgeon, a facelift simply can not be rivaled in its efficiency and ability to reverse and address an aging face while providing results that are natural-looking, unassuming and life-changing. After a full recovery from residual swelling and bruising, patients notice profound results in their facial profile and experience great satisfaction in their rejuvenated appearance like never before!

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