Why You Should Think About Getting a Neck Lift


Sometimes it’s the less obvious areas of our appearance that age more swiftly than the face. The neck area can certainly show more apparent signs of aging before the face catches up. This is because the skin is naturally more delicate and thin and tends to show signs of sagging and laxity faster than some facial features.

With a neck lift, Elements Toronto’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can eliminate these pesky signs of aging by carefully removing excess or loose skin alongside excess fat. In doing so the skin becomes smoother, showing fewer signs of deep creases and wrinkles and improving the patient’s profile and jaw. Some patients may even require tightening of the underlying muscles which results in a remarkable — and still natural-looking — result.

A lot of patients wonder whether they can address the skin laxity and sag of the neck skin without getting a facelift. Depending on the patient’s skin and anatomy, the answer can certainly be YES. However, this all depends on the individual patient as mentioned. For those without significant signs of aging or sagging on the face, the neck can be corrected without treating the face. Incisions would be made around and behind the ear and into and along the hairline. From these incisions, Dr. Adibfar gains access to the neck muscles which can be tightened before pulling the skin laterally toward the ears and sides of the neck.

Correcting the neck can have a drastic improvement on the perceived age of a patient. Some patients can look astonishingly 10 years younger with this simple procedure alone. In the last decade, the amount of neck lift procedures has increased, affirming that more and more patients are taking better care of their necks as they notice the apparent signs of aging.

The best candidates for a neck lift may notice various deep creases and wrinkles along their necks as well as poor jaw definition, a double chin, lax skin on the neck, and more. For patients who find these signs of aging tiresome, a neck lift can certainly address these flaws for a more defined jawline, and incidentally, a more refreshed and revitalized look overall that still looks natural!

Patients who’ve undergone a neck lift are incredibly satisfied with the results. Downtime can usually last approximately two weeks with bruising and swelling in the front of the neck and around the ears where sutures are present. If you’re interested in seeing before-and-afters and testimonials from many of Dr. Adibfar’s satisfied patients, then feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the neck lift procedure. We would be happy to assist you to make the best decision for you with your safety as our utmost priority.

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