A collection of articles about plastic surgery, and medical treatments.

  • body lift

What Is a Body Lift?

After losing a tremendous amount of weight, many men and women are disappointed to see large amounts of loose, redundant skin that sags and hangs from various areas of their bodies, forcing them [...]

  • bodyfx

Non Surgical Fat Reduction with BodyFX

Melt away fat and vanish cellulite without surgery or liposuction? You read that right! Thanks to the latest advancements in laser and radio frequency technology, we're now able to address nagging physical conditions [...]

  • jessner peel

What is the Jessner Peel?

If you're looking for a facial that attends to your aging skin concerns on a deeper, more restorative and rejuvenative level while addressing wrinkles, sun spots, and even acne, then the Jessner Peel [...]

  • prp therapy

Anti-Aging with PRP Therapy

Did you know you could safely treat your fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging with your own blood? Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, better known as PRP Therapy, is a procedure that [...]

  • laser hair removal

Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

We all know that shaving, waxing, tweezing and threading are methods that can only provide temporary hair removal results. For some, hair can begin to regrow immediately, making hair removal a tedious and [...]

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