A collection of articles about plastic surgery, and medical treatments.

  • Vampire Face Lift

What Is a Vampire Lift?

If you're looking for an exceptional treatment to stave off signs of aging in a way this is natural and long lasting, then Elements Spa's Vampire Lift may be the procedure for you! [...]

Bilateral Mastectomy for Transgenders

There are many differences between the unmistakable look of a male versus a female's chest. Females naturally carry more breast tissue, as well as have larger nipples and areolas that are more centrally-located [...]

  • plastic surgery for men

Most Popular Surgeries For Men

Cosmetic plastic procedures no longer solely serve women. While some men still fear the results of looking overdone as a result of celebrity horror stories and photos in the media, more and more [...]

  • body lift

What Is a Body Lift?

After losing a tremendous amount of weight, many men and women are disappointed to see large amounts of loose, redundant skin that sags and hangs from various areas of their bodies, forcing them [...]

  • bodyfx

Non Surgical Fat Reduction with BodyFX

Melt away fat and vanish cellulite without surgery or liposuction? You read that right! Thanks to the latest advancements in laser and radio frequency technology, we're now able to address nagging physical conditions [...]

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