A collection of articles about plastic surgery, and medical treatments.


Facelift Recovery

With incredibly extensive advancements in technology, anesthesiology and surgical techniques, it's no wonder cosmetic plastic surgeries are becoming much more efficient, allowing for more natural-looking results with less need for recovery, complications and downtime. [...]

A Brow Lift With Hidden Scars

  Many of us tend to disregard early signs of aging in our forehead and eye region. Eventually these signs compound until we look in the mirror and find ourselves looking like a [...]

  • cleavage

Can A Breast Augmentation Improve Cleavage?

While the perception of a 'boob job' decades ago seemed limited to represent one particular look (artificial and disproportioned), breast augmentations today are performed using procedures, approaches and materials to best suit each [...]

Addressing Unwanted Fat 

When you're young and wanting to lose weight and fat, your body can typically handle the change with the appropriate diet, physical activity and will power. You'd shrink and your body would naturally [...]

How Neck Rejuvenation Turns Back The Clock

Your skin says a lot about your age. And for areas like the face and neck—depending on how you've maintained your skin's quality over the years—these areas can relay an age much older [...]

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