A collection of articles about plastic surgery, and medical treatments.

  • Post surgery expectations

What to Expect After Your Plastic Surgery

Every plastic surgery is unique. Patients of all ages and backgrounds come to our office with various concerns regarding individual problem areas and how to address them in the most effective way. In [...]

The Most Popular Areas for Facial Implants: Chins, Cheekbones & Jaw Angles

Every patient's face is uniquely different. That's why there will never be a 'one size fits all,' or 'one procedure fits all' type of facial implant surgery. Due to one's age, ethnicity, skin [...]

  • sexy legs

The Sexy Legs You’ve Always Wanted: Procedures To Get You There

A woman or man's legs can relay incredibly attractive and subtle features. They can convey femininity or masculinity depending on the tone, structure, shape, texture and contour of the thighs, calves and surrounding [...]

  • Buttock Enhancement and Reduction

Buttock Enhancement and Reduction (F2M and M2F)

There are fundamental differences in a female versus a male's body and the buttock region is no exception. While most women desire a more curved bottom that projects through wider hips, men typically [...]

  • pectoral implants

Let’s Talk About Male Pectoral Implants

Whether it be for cosmetic reasons or due to abnormal deformities, cosmetic plastic surgery has given us all the ability to correct irregularities in a way that is safe and allows for aesthetically [...]

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