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Laser Vaginal Tightening

Is a non invasive, non surgical treatment for ‘vaginal laxity syndrome’. In other words, the effect is a tighter and better supported vagina. The procedure involves the delivery of well planned and calculated laser energy to the inside of the vagina.

There is no cutting and no blood loss, no pain and therefore no need for anesthesia. This procedure takes about half an hour to perform, and there are nearly no restrictions on your activities after the procedure (other than no intercourse for 2 weeks). Almost everyone can have it done. It can be done in 2 forms:

IntimaLase – Vaginal tightening for increased sexual sensations

IntimaLase Is laser vaginal tightening aimed at increased sexual sensations with intimacy. The 2940nm ErYAG laser beam is delivered all around at the vaginal wall resulting in stimulation of new collagen production in the supportive tissue, which leads to a tighter vaginal canal all the way through. This improves the sensual experience of both partners.

The treatment is effective usually in one session. Results are long lasting, and continuous improvement in sensation is expected as the collagen ‘matures’. This procedure is ideal for women after pregnancy and delivery to restore their sex life. It is also a great option for women who just want to spice things up.

IncontiLase – Vaginal tightening for Stress Urinary Incontinence

IncontiLase is laser vaginal tightening aimed at better bladder control. The laser beam is directed to the front wall of the vagina and the back of the bladder forming new collagen growth in the area, leading to better bladder control and fewer accidents. This may be done over 2 sessions, 4 weeks apart. It is intended for women with mild stress urinary incontinence that have declined surgery. We do recommend you consult with your family physician as provincial health plans will usually cover the traditional surgical treatments for urinary leaking.