Downsizing: Women Desiring More Natural Looking Breasts

Breast augmentation isn't as taboo a procedure as it seemed 10 or 20 years ago.


Breast augmentation isn’t as taboo a procedure as it seemed 10 or 20 years ago. The surgery has become a lot more mainstream as more and more women feel more confident and empowered to make choices that positively affect not only their appearance, but also their confidence and self esteem. Years ago, patients shunned ‘boob jobs’ because of their association to the large, fake-looking breasts of women in the media that desired disproportionately larger breasts. While breast augmentation is becoming more popular today, most patients are coming into the office requesting implants that are smaller for a more natural look.

At Toronto’s Elements Spa, our goal is to give our patients the most beautiful breasts that look natural and enhance their confidence. A surgeon should always consider the size of a patient’s chest wall and other measurements to assure that the measurement of the implant does not exceed the proportions of the patient. There are several implants to consider, with the newer and popular anatomical (or shaped) implants making a big impact on the market. Let’s look at each and find out which are best suited to certain patients for a more natural-looking chest.

The Round Silicone Implant

While the textured tear drop implant is making a big impression on breast augmentation—and certainly proves superior with certain patients—the more commonly used round silicone gel-based implant is most used in practice to this day. The round silicone implant has the benefit of feeling more natural, and is best matched to patients with generally normal breasts who look for more volume. Some patients think the round shape of the implant will lend a look that appears fake, almost like having two coconuts sitting on the chest. However, the silicone gel in the implant moves very well with the body. When a patient with these implants is standing up, the weight of the implant is placed toward the bottom of the breast, like a natural breast would—just as it would sit flat on the chest when the patient is laying on their back. Another advantage to using the round silicone implant is that the shape will not be affected should the implant rotate. The silicone gel is cohesive yet soft enough that it moves with the body and gravity for a natural look.

The Tear Drop

The tear drop implant is one of a range of shaped and textured implants that more closely resemble the shape of a woman’s breast. It is made of a highly cohesive gel implant (more dense than silicone) and comes in various shapes to better tailor to the patient. For example, one implant may be of a rounder shape for more volume on top for cleavage, another may have a more tear drop shape, and the third may be customized for a woman who has a wider chest. This gives the board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon more power to better customize to the patient.

These implants are firmer and wouldn’t feel as natural as the traditional silicone-based implants, however they are very helpful for certain cases. The tear drop implant is ideal for patients with mild droop. The tear drop gives the bottom of the breast more fullness, giving the appearance of a natural lift by stretching out the bottom of the breast without adding unnatural-looking volume to the top of the breast. They also work extremely well for breast cancer reconstruction surgery and other breast deformities.

Because these implants hold their shape well, if the cavity is made too big when the implant is inserted, the implant can rotate over time lending an abnormal looking shape. Dr. Adibfar makes certain that the opening he makes is just enough room for the implant to sit comfortably without shifting. These tear drop and other anatomical implants also carry a textured surface which adheres to the body’s tissue to further lessen it’s chance of rotating. If the the tear drop (or other customized anatomical) implant is the right implant for your chest, this small risk should not dissuade you from choosing it.

At Elements Spa, we strive to provide results that are in line with our patients’ desires while looking more natural and regarding our patient’s safety as paramount. It is extremely important that patients do the most attentive research on the expertise, experience and history of their board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. No matter how great the quality of an implant, if your surgeon does not meet the requirements or possess the knowledge and ability to provide the results you desire, you should look elsewhere. At Toronto’s Elements Spa, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar has performed many successful breast augmentations tailored to the patient, their goals, and most importantly, their safety.

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