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Full Mouth Aesthetic Reconstruction

There are many procedures (including crowns, veneers and implants) that can be combined to reconstruct a patient’s smile and, if needed, change the shape, size, colour and position of the patient’s teeth. Upon consultation, your cosmetic dentist will recommend the appropriate measures to best help you arrive at your desired results in the least number of visits possible.

Since a person’s smile is not solely comprised of teeth, your dentist may also address potential treatments to address the frame of your smile, particularly with reference to your gums, lips and lower face. Rest assured that every recommended procedure is designed to enhance your smile, and ultimately, your overall appearance.

It should be noted that some procedures are far too taxing and lengthy to be completed in one visit. For this reason, your treatment may require several visits. In these special cases, we make every effort to book appointments on consecutive days so as to reduce the downtime between preparation days.