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Fat Injections

Fat injection is a technique where fat from one part of the body is removed and used as a filler for another part of the body or face. It is often practiced in conjunction with a face lift; a face lift will elevate sagging skin and while the fat injection restores the fullness associated with a younger rejuvenated look. Fat injections are sourced from the patient’s own body. As such, they are relatively safer and longer lasting than other types of fillers. Additionally, fat injections have been know to improve the skin quality of the targeted areas; this is likely due to abundant stem cells found in the transferred fat.

The procedure involves two steps. The first is to harvest the fat for transfer. A process similar to liposuction is used – the incision is small and leaves no trace or scars after it has healed. Once harvested, the fat is then injected to the target areas through a small syringe.

Patients are discharged shortly after the procedure and should expect to be ready for light work and exercise within 7 to 10 days.