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MD, DDS, FRCS(C), FRCD(C) cosmetic plastic surgeon / oral + maxillofacial surgeon. Adjusting the shape & contours of your breasts with remarkable attention to detail.


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Best Breast Implants Toronto

Sagging or loss of fullness in the breasts that can be caused by aging, childbirth, genetics, or weight gain or loss can be addressed with this joint procedure. Our expert breast implant Toronto surgeons will increase the size and fill in extra skin, while the lift will adjust contours and shape.

In some cases, an implant alone can improve the appearance of the breast, and no lift is necessary. Usually, the implant is first inserted and the breast lift is then performed. Breast shape is often better when both procedures are done in conjunction; implants fill out the breast and offer improved firmness. Because of the breast implant, less skin has to be removed and therefore results in less scarring. Because breast implants are more resistant to gravity than tissue, this procedure will help keep the height and shape of your breasts. Cleavage can also be addressed during this procedure.

Even though this is a combination procedure, no more recovery time is required than if only one operation was completed. Complications are similar to those in breast augmentation and lift procedures; bleeding, infection or reactions to anesthesia are rare. A support bra should be worn for a few weeks, with discoloration or swelling disappearing quickly, and any residual swelling healing within a month. While numbness does occasionally occur, sensation in the nipple or areola is preserved most of the time. As they are not lifetime devices, surgery may be required at some point to replace your implants. Call today to speak to one our of Toronto Breast Implant Specialist Today!