Gluteal augmentation is for those who feel they lack proper buttock tissue, who have not developed proportionate gluteal muscles or who simply desire to lift, shape or enlarge their buttock. Anyone who is in good health and physical condition can undergo this procedure to improve their natural curves or create a more proportioned appearance. Other augmentations, such as breast implants, are often requested at the same time to fully balance their figure.

The implants are placed above the sitting area for the best results and are set in various ways. They can be placed between the muscles and the tissue that covers them, inside the muscle itself, or below the muscle. The incisions can be made above or below the buttock when inserting the implants, and your surgeon will compare both to ensure the best symmetry possible. You will see immediate results, and your buttock will continue to improve once your muscles heal in the months after surgery.

Bandages will be used to provide compression and reduce swelling. This compression dressing will be removed in a few days, which will allow you to shower and move around more comfortably. Swelling and bruising is normal and will fade in time. The activity should be kept to a minimum for two weeks, during which time you should sleep on your stomach. After eight weeks you may return to your normal lifestyle, and you will be back to feeling completely comfortable in about six months. It is important to comply with proper maintenance after the procedure to help avoid implant movement.