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Male Breast Reduction

This procedure is considered when men experience over-development in one or both breasts due to heredity, hormones, disease or drug use. This can often cause emotional distress, so this procedure is designed to reduce chest tissue and give a more proportioned appearance.

While this procedure can be performed on men at all ages, it is optimal for younger men, as the skin is still elastic. Your surgeon will examine you to best tailor the procedure to your needs. Liposuction is usually used as it works very well to minimize chest tissue and leaves few scars. If needed, your surgeon can also remove any unwanted skin, creating a flatter, more contoured chest.

Following the procedure, you will wear a garment for about three weeks to provide support and help the healing process. Bleeding, infection, loss of or accumulation of fluids and reactions to anesthesia are possible but infrequent. Pigment change in the breast can be permanent or temporary, and while asymmetry in the nipples or breast is possible, further treatments can be offered to correct this.