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MD, DDS, FRCS(C), FRCD(C) cosmetic plastic surgeon / oral + maxillofacial surgeon. Breast lifts that focus on creating those beautiful and youthful contours.


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Breast Lift

A breast lift is designed to improve and restore the breasts, aiming at achieving youthful contours, as opposed to increasing size. Implants can, however, be included in conjunction with the breast lift if you are considering increasing their volume.

A breast lift can be performed at any age, but it is recommended only when breast development has stopped, including changes induced by childbirth and breast-feeding. If you wish to have this procedure before having children, you should discuss with your surgeon any future plans to breast-feed.

Your surgeon will customize the surgery to you by considering factors such as the size, shape, and skin quality of your breasts. If you are considering altering your weight, it is recommended that you stabilize this before surgery.

There are variations to this procedure, but the traditional method uses three incisions. Your surgeon will inform you which is best for your surgery. The nipple will be moved to a higher position while the skin is pulled down to give a new shape to the breast. Liposuction can also be used to improve the contour under the arm.

While numbness does occasionally occur, sensation in the nipple or areola is preserved most of the time. Bleeding, infection and reactions to anesthesia are possible but rare. It is also possible that breast shape or nipples may not match exactly after surgery. While you may have to wear a support bra for a few weeks, you will be able to move comfortably after a few days and may return to work within a month. Incisions will be red but will fade after several months.