Dr. Adibfar

MD, DDS, FRCS(C), FRCD(C) cosmetic plastic surgeon / oral + maxillofacial surgeon. Helping resolve facial imbalances through chin augmentation.


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Clients hoping to improve the balance and overall appearance of their face often look to genioplasty, otherwise known as chin augmentation. Studies have shown that, over time, facial bones shift and change in size, leading to the impression of disproportion in the features of the face. Genioplasty resolves this imbalance either through the advancement of the patient’s own bone or through the use of a chin implant. In either case, your surgeon will discuss with you the advantages of both procedures and suggest which one would best suit your particular situation.

During chin implant surgery, a small incision will be made either inside the lower lip or beneath the chin. Once an appropriately sized pocket is created, the implant is inserted and subsequently fitted to achieve the patient’s desired appearance. During a bone advancement procedure, the surgeon will make an incision behind the lower lip and, employing a fine saw, remove a portion of the chin bone. This piece is then positioned slightly forward and affixed using wires or bone plates with screws.

Following genioplasty, it is absolutely normal to experience some swelling and discoloration. Rest assured that after a short period of time, these side effects will subside and you will be immensely pleased with the results. Furthermore, your surgeon will follow up regularly on your condition, ensuring that the healing process is progressing as planned.