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MD, DDS, FRCS(C), FRCD(C) cosmetic plastic surgeon / oral + maxillofacial surgeon. Removing unwanted fat. Giving you a skinnier, more slender figure.


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Top Liposuction Toronto

Liposuction is directed not at those who are overweight or who want to remove cellulite, but rather at people who have isolated areas of unwanted fat they cannot eliminate through diet and exercise. This procedure can be effective in many areas of the body such as arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, ankles and under the chin.

Your Toronto liposuction surgeons will assess the quality of your skin and may ask you how your target areas were affected by weight loss in the past. Attaining optimal results from this procedure depends on the quality and elasticity of your skin; the higher the quality, the smoother the results you can achieve.

A small tube will be used close to the target area to remove the unwanted tissue, and a compression garment may be worn for the first several days so your body can properly achieve its new shape. Some patients can return for a touch-up later to further improve the area.

Any complications such as bleeding, infection, and reactions to anesthesia are possible but infrequent. Discoloration and irregularities of the treated skin may occur, and although some permanent numbness is possible, most is expected and only temporary. Most people usually return to work in just a few days, and remaining swelling or bruising will subside within a couple of weeks. Call today so speak to one our of Liposuction Toronto experts!