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Brow Lift

As one of the best plastic surgeons in Toronto, Dr. Ali Adibfar takes you through the benefits of a brow lift. In the past, surgeons often chose to perform an upper eyelid lift to correct sagging, whereas today, a brow lift is often used to create the same result. Patients sometimes focus their attention on excess skin in the upper eyelids, when it is the eyebrows that are the cause of the problem.

A brow lift can be performed alone or in conjunction with a facelift to tighten muscles in the middle and lower face. Even younger adults may benefit from this procedure, such as those who have a naturally low brow, or who already have deep frown lines.

Whether eyelid surgery or a brow lift is better for you will depend on things such as the position of your eyebrows, the amount of upper eyelid skin you have, and the height of your hairline.

This procedure is designed to be inconspicuous once healed. Often, an incision is hidden in the hair or placed just in front of the hairline. Your surgeon can modify muscles that cause frown lines, tighten skin and lift eyebrows for a more youthful appearance.

Another technique uses an endoscope. This is a fiberoptic lens that allows your plastic surgeon to work on the inside structures of your forehead using a small camera. The endoscopic procedure is optimal for correcting frown lines between the eyes and can be applied in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery. While it may not be appropriate for all patients, this technique requires only minimal incisions and allows for an earlier recovery. Makeup may be used almost immediately and any swelling or bruising usually fades within two weeks.

Complications such as prolonged numbness and itching are possible but infrequent. Minor hair loss is temporary and easily concealable. Within a few weeks, you will have an accurate idea of the results. As your Toronto plastic surgeon, we’ll work to meet your needs and goals.