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Non-Surgical Facelift

Non-surgical facelift procedures involve no incisions but are aimed at improving the overall appearance of skin without the high cost, time and possible difficulties of conventional facelifts. These may be better suited for those who have only minor skin imperfections, as treatments cannot wholly replace a traditional facelift.

There are various types of non-surgical facelift treatments, such as Botox, which involves a series of injections that relax the muscles in order to smooth out problematic skin and reduce wrinkles. Botox procedures last for three to six months.

Another more recent option, called the Thermage system, directs heat to stimulate cellular repair that will lead to firmer skin. This is a short treatment, and you may go home the day of your procedure. Any side effects will fade within a few days.

The microcurrent or Bio-ultimate facelift applies gentle electric currents to the face to stimulate cellular reactions and produce collagen and elastin. This method can tighten facial muscles, reduce sun damage and improve overall skin tones. There is no recovery time for this procedure.

The Threadlift is often considered a non-surgical facelift even though a needle is used. Tiny threads are inserted under the skin to lift the skin of the face and neck giving a refreshed appearance. Recovery time is minimal; patients can return to work after a week.

It should be kept in mind that these procedures last for a shorter period of time than conventional facelifts and often require multiple treatments. You should discuss with your doctor which non-surgical facelift is best suited for you.